Bishamon Lift Pilot

Item Number: Lift Pilot Catalog Image
Bishamon Lift Pilot®
    • Pallet truck accessible – no ramp, bump or obstruction – nothing to stumble over 
    • Unique “Space Saving” design with the smallest footprint in the industry – patent pending
    • Handles GMA pallets from the end
    • Handles CHEP pallets from end or side
    • Operator has full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading -- nothing to reach over!
    • Intelligent design and operator interface

                                                    - Pallet presence sensors

                                                 - Highly visible function lights at top of mast 

                                                     - Voice commands

Lift Pilot Video


 Lift Pilot Mast Lights      Lift pallet Control Box     Lift Pilot Base DS

                Mast Lights Red &         Operator Console          Pallet sensor to detect

                Green) to Indicate       mounted on back           pallet presence

                pallet presence and      of mast

                fault conditions


            Lift Pilot Carriage DS   Lift Pilot Front Guard DS   Lift Pilot Rear Guard DS

                   Linear motion            Independent pallet         Perimeter foot guard

                   structure with            stop at each side of        around rear of structure

                   telescopic forks          the carriage to  

                                        prevent impact



Lift Pilot Retracted


Pallet raised Hgt. = 38"

Capacity = 2500 lbs @ 24" load center

Overall Width = 37"

Overall Depth = 40"

Fork length = 40” or 48”                           (operator selectable) 

Fork Lowered height = 3.6” – 4.6”      (operator selectctable) 

Overall fork width = 28” 

Individual Fork Width = 6.7"

Handles GMA pallets, CHEP pallets and skids 

115 volt AC power operation with push button hand control

Hydraulic lift & lower operation with inverted ram style cylinder 

Lift Pilot Telescoping forks

Electro -mechanically driven, 2:1 ratio retractable fork

Pallet sensors and function lights at top of mast to help operator correctly position pallet 

Patented "foot clear" safety design

Perimeter foot guard around rear of structure

Independent pallet stop at each side of the carriage to prevent impact damage

Post and toe guard anchored to floor




Lift Pilot Features


 Lift Pilot Spec. Sheet Thumbnail

Lift Pilot Spec. Sheet 



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Bishamon EZ Off Lifter

Item Number: EZO-25E Catalog Image

EZ Off Lifter® Low Profile Positioner with Pallet Truck Accessilbility

  • 1.75 in. Lowered Height with 2500 lb. Capacity
  • Rotating Platform for Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Patented "Feet Clear" System for Operator Safety
  • 3S Model with Multiple Ramp Positions Minimizes Floor Space Requirements

        EZ OFF Video

The Bishamon EZ OFF Lifter ® pallet positioners are the ultimate ergonomic solution for loading or unloading pallets in applications when loads are transported with a pallet truck. These revolutionary products provide the answer for maintaining the load at a convenient working height. They also provide easy pallet rotation and near side loading to eliminate excessive lifting, bending, and stretching. They are electro-hydraulic operation and available in a free-standing front access model, and a bolt-down model with ramp access from three positions.


     EZO-25E      EZO25E-3S
        EZO-25E Model                               EZO-25E-3S Model   
Standard Features

  Standard Features  

 Feet-clear safety circuit automatically stops the platform desent a 9 in above the floor preventing unintentional foot entrapment under the platform or pallet

 Platform Safety Cover guard pinch points around the mast

 Chain cover guards pich pints around the upper chain wheel

 Hydraulic power unit with unitized control valaves and reservoir

 1 HP 115V electric motor

 40.50 in. diameter rotating disk supported by 32 precision ball bearings

 Hinged integreated approach ramp

 Integrated lifting tabs and platform catches for transporting with a forkliftt

 Rear leveling feet

 Durable powder coated finish

 Pallet truck access from 3- sides (EZO-25E-S model only)

 One fixed ramp fits all three sides (EZO-25E-3S model only)

  One pallet bumper / stop (EZO-25-3S model only)



        EZ OFF Spec. Sheet                EZ Off Manual                   EZ Off Parts List         

           EZ OFF Spec Sheet                    EZ OFF Manual                       EZ OFF Parts List                             


 EZ Off drawing            EZ OFF EZO-25E-3S Drawing                 EZ OFF App photo

Model EZO-25E Drawing      Model EZO-25E-3S Drawing               EZ Off Lifter      

                                                                                              Application Photo


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Bishamon SkidLift LV, LVE Series Skid Lift

Item Number: LV, LVE Series Catalog Image

SkidLiftMobile Load Positioner / Transporter for Sids and Open Bottom Pallets

  • Premium Wheels and Push Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Load Capacities to 2,000 lbs. 
  • Unique Captured Scissor Design Provides Enhanced Stability
  • Battery Operation and Manual Lift Models Available



                                       LV & LVE Video


LV-100 Dual Handle Control   LV-100 Foot Pump    LVE Power Unit Control Box     LVE Raise/Lower Lever Control

        LV-100 Dual                      LV-100 Foot                 LVE Power Unit              LVE Raise/Lower
       Handle Control                       Pump                            Control Box                    Lever Control

 SLidLift LV SkidLift LVE                

LV LVE Table












 SkidLift Spec. Sheet LV-10 Drawing LV-50E Drawing LV-100 Drawing

     LV/LVE Lit          LV-10 Drawing     LV-50E Drawing   LV-100 Drawing

               LVE-100 Drawing       LV Application photo       LV Application Photo

                LVE-100 Drawing            LV Appication Photo's


SkidLift Pallet photo


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Bishamon MobiLift Mobile Lift Tables

Item Number: BX BXB Series Catalog Image

BX & BXB Series MobiLift™

  • Premium Casters and Push Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Load Capacities From 330 to 1760 lbs.
  • Battery Push Button or Manual Foot Pump Operation 
  • Double Scissor and Stainless Steel Models Available



Bishamon's MobiLift™ scissor lift tables minimize lifting, reaching and stretching by allowing workers to easily move and position loads. They were designed with improved ergonomics, rugged construction, and high quality materials for excellent performance and reliability.

MobiLift™ tables are available in a variety of capacities and raised heights, and can satisfy a wide range of applications. All models are made with heavy-duty materials and include captured scissor rollers for maximum stability. They feature high quality casters and wheels for excellent maneuverability, and a foot actuated caster brake. All MobiLift™ tables are powder coated for an attractive durable finish.

MobiLift™ tables come in both manual and electric models. The manual lift tables feature an integrated pump-cylinder for maximum reliability. Platform lowering is controlled by an ergonomically designed hand lever, which automatically stops when released for safety. The electrical MobiLift™ tables feature a convenient push handle with a removable push-button control. Easily accessible power-unit controls make it easy to turn the tables on or off, or adjust the platform lowering speed. All electric models come with an automatic charger and a removable power cord.

MobiLift™ tables can help workers stock shelves in retail stores, transport books in libraries, and move materials in manufacturing operations. They will improve safety and productivity in the workplace.


Standard Features - All Modelsels          Standard Features - Manual

• Heavy-duty construction with captured • Superior hydraulic systems feature an
scissor rollers for maximum stability   integrated pump-cylinder for maximum
     • High quality casters and wheels for   reliability
       exceptional rollability  • Ergonomic push handle with convenient
      • Foot actuated caster brake    lowering control
      • Heavy duty maintenance scissor lock • Lowering control automatically stops
        pin   when released for added safety
      • Durable powder coated finish    


Standard Features - Electric

MobiLift Power unit

 • Removable push-button control on cord
         with convenient handle mount
       • Ergonomic handle with integrated safety 
       • Easily accessible On/Off switch with
         integrated circuit breaker
       • Enclosed automatic charger with  
       • Green-Yellow-Red indicator lights provide
         quick indication of battery charge
       • Easily accessible, adjustable lowering
         speed control
       • Upper travel limit switch

    BX Hand Lever Lowering Control             Convenient Foot Lever Pump          Battery Compartment with Charger    

          Hand lever Lowering               Convenient Foot Lever            Battery Compartment
                     Control                                           Pump                                    Charger                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

     Removable, Pendant Push Button Control          BX Stainless Steel Model

           Removable, Pendant           BX Stainless Steel Moddel
           Push  Button Control

            BX & BXB Spec. Sheet Photo               BXB Manual                BX Application Photo

               BX & BXB Spec. Sheet                 BXB Manual                        BX Application Photo


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Bishamon MobiLeveler ESX Series Mobile Work Positioner

Item Number: ESX Series Catalog Image


ESX Series MobiLeveler®


  • Self-leveling Platform for Improved Ergonomics
  • Premium Casters and Puch Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Easily Adjustable with Load Capacities to 880 lbs.

 ESX MobiLeveler Video

Bishamon ESX Series MobiLeveler® gives you the comfort of self-leveling, load compensating operation with the convenience of portability. It is made with high-quality casters with brakes for smooth transport and heavy-guage steel sturdy welds for durability.

The MobiLeveler® is available in single or dual spring models. Both models feature easily accessible guaged weight selector knob that adjusts the spring resistance. It also has a clean, ergonomic design for user comfort. the equipment is finished in a durable powder coat that protects the metal from harmful elements in the enviroment.

The MobiLeveler® will progressively lower when loaded, reducing the need for harmful bending, lifting and stretching. It has a rugged construction that can withstand heavy-duty use in industrial enviroments. It can be sued in a variety of situations to improve worker safety and convenience. 


            MobilLeveler Casters                    MobiLeveler Scissor Locking Pin  

           High Quality Caster        Heavy Duty, Scissor Locking
           With Locking Brake         Pin for Maintenence Safety
           For Smooth Transport

                 MobiLeveler Weight Selector Knob                   MobiLeveler Scissor Rollers

          Convenient Gauged Weight      Entrapped Scissor Rollers 
        Selector Knob for Adjusting       for Added Stability

Standard Features

    • Load weight compensating
    • Easily accessible gauged weight selector
    • Single and dual spring models
    • Heavy-duty maintenance, scissor
      locking pin
     High quality casters with brake
    • Steel work platforms
    • Rugged construction, with heavy-gauge
      steel and sturdy welds throughout
    • Clean design with minimum of
      maintenance requirement
    • Durable powder coated finish

             MobiLeveler Spec. Sheet                                 MobiLeveler Application Photo

         MobiLeveler Spec. Sheet                MobiLeveler Application Photo


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Lo-Profile LX Series Scissor Lift Tables

Item Number: LX Series Catalog Image

LoProfile™ LX Series 

  • Extremely Low Platform Lowered Heights with Models as low as 2.9 in.
  • Low Profile Allows Wheeled Cart and Pallet Jack Access
  • Capacities From 550 to 4400 lbs. in Various Fixed Platform Sizes


Low Profile LX Series Video


Bishamon's LoProfile™ lifts are electro-hydraulic lift tables that offer heavy-duty lifting power and convenient low profile functionality. These tables can handle capacities up to 4,400 lbs. and feature a variety of platform sizes and lift heights.

LoProfile™ tables can lift loads from a very low elevation of 2.9 in. to 4.3 in. This works well with handling equipment that requires a low profile, such as pallet jacks and 4-wheeled carts.

LoProfile™ tables are safe and durable. Every model features a full-perimeter, electric toe guard around the platform that ensures operator safety. They are built with a heavy-duty construction and captured scissor rollers for enhanced stability.

Lifting power is provided by a high-performance, external electro-hydraulic power unit with a steel braided hydraulic hose. Platform movement is controlled by a convenient hand-held push button control station. For additional functionality, LoProfile™ lifts can be used in conjunction with optional accessories such as a foot operated control and approach ramps.

The LoProfile™ series of lift tables increase worker productivity and reduce strain by positioning materials at a comfortable and convenient operating height. They maximize efficiency in a number of different environments, including production facilities, assembly areas, and warehouses. Designed for durability and practicality, LoProfile™ lift tables will last for years with minimal maintenance.


                 Full Perimeter Electric Toeguard         2.9” Lowered Height On Models Up To 1,100lbs            LX Remote Power Unit

                       Full perimeter                 2.9" Lowered Height                 Remote Power Unit

                       Electric Toeguard            on Models up to 1,100 lbs

                                        LX Series Ramp

                                                 LX Series Ramp


Standard Features

• Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9 to 4.3” provides access for  rolling products, carts or pallet truck

 • Electric full-perimeter toeguard around the platform provides optimum operator safety

 • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability

• Remote power unit with hand held control

 • 24V operator control voltage

 • High performance external electrohydraulic power unit

 • Durable steel braided hydraulic hose



LX Series Spec. Sheet photo

LX Series Spec. Sheet


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Bishamon EZ Up Pneumatic Lift Table

Item Number: EZ Up Catalog Image


EZ-UP™ Series


  • Pnuematic Lift Table with 1,700 lbs. Capacity
  • Provide Lifting Power in Locations Where Electro-Hydraulic Operation is Not Viable Option
  • Rotating Platforms Available for Improved Ergonomics


The Bishamon EZ-UP is the ideal lifting and work positioning solution whenever operator control is required and shop air is convenient. Incorporating many of the same advanced ergonomic features as the popular EZ Loader (captive air pallet positioners), the EZ-UP utilizes constant shop air, allowing the operator to position the load for loading or unloading. The integral rotator ring eliminates the need to reach, stretch or walk around the pallet, making the EZ-UP an unsurpassed ergonomic tool that helps increase productivity at your facility. Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components, and require little maintenance. They provide the ideal tool where cleanliness is a must and where sparks can be hazardous. Lift tables in general position the work closer to the worker, which reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue, or the chance of damage to sensitive products that are work in process. Typical applications are found in most any manufacturing, processing or distribution facility.   

EZ UP with Valve Stand



EZU-15-R with optional Valve Stand





 Standard Features

 Firestone Airstroke Actuator raises and lowers the table platform to vertically position the load to the desired height

 Hand or foot control is standard

 Entrapped rollers on base and platform for added stability

• Hinged maintenance bars

• Rotating models feature a secured center pivot with ball bearing that provides smooth, even rotation

 High quality 3 position hand lever control allows easy operation

 Clean design with minimum of maintenance needed

 Easily relocated with a fork truck

 Heavy-duty structural steel construction with rugged base frame

• Durable and attractive polyester powder coating adds life and superior corrosion resistance to the finish





                               EZ UP Drawings                EZ UP Spec. Sheet

 EZ Up Drawings                   EZ Up Spec. Sheet



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Bishamon UniLift Pallet Transporter and Positioner

Item Number: UNI-20 Catalog Image

                 UniLift TM

 "Pallet Jack/Work Positioner/Pallet Lift"

  • All-in-One Pallet Transporter Eliminates Need for Fork Lift and Lift Table
  • Easily Handles Standard Pallets, CHEP Pallets and Skids to 2000 lbs. Without Straddling
  • Ideal for Tight Work Cell Applications 
  • Electric Hydraulic Powered Up and Down, Manual Push


UniLift Video UniLift in action!


The Bishamon UniLiftTM gives you the best of both worlds. It maneuvers like a pallet jack and lifts like a stacker. It is the only product available that can transport and lift a standard pallet without straddling it!It is compatible with standard GMA pallets, CHEP pallets or skids. The UniLift can handle loads up to 2,000 lbs. and reaches a height of up to 36 inches. Fitted with high quality polyurethane wheels, the UniLift easiluy trabsports loads.

The UniLift is powered by an efficient 24 VDC battery system and an on-board, automatic battery charger. It also features electro-mechanical outrigger acuation with position sensors. The operator console contains convenient buttons that raise and lower the forks, and LED indicators that display the battery status.

UniLift is also easy to use. It handles and steers like a standard pallet jack, enabling easy transport and precise load positioning, as well as facilitating worker convnience and safety. Each fork has a multiroller system for easy pallet entry and exit. Lifting and lowering the load to a convenient worker height is as easy as the push of a button. The UniLift is also designed to last, with a durable, powder coated finish that protects the equipment from harsh enviromental conditions. 

              UniLift Low Position           UniLift Hi Lift Mode

                          UniLift in Low (Pallet Transport)              UniLift in Work Positioner
                          Position                                                          (Hi Lift) Mode
                   UniLIft Control Panel             UniLift Multi-roller Fork Entry System
                      UniLift Operator Control Panel                   Multi-roller Fork Entry System
                                                                                                 For Easy Entry and Exit

Standard Features

• Can be used with standard GMA   pallets, 48” x 40” CHEP pallets and/or skids
• Dual-purpose product allows for both transport and load positioning
• Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack
• Lifting fork height up to 36”
• Lift capacity of 2000# (see chart)
• Multi-roller fork entry system for easy pallet entry and exit
• Foot operated brake on load wheels
• On-board, automatic battery charger
• Efficient 24 VDC battery system powers lift operation



• Electro-mechanical outrigger actuation with position sensors
• Electronic operator console with “Raise” and “Lower” push buttons, dual function key / battery disconnect switch, outrigger position LEDs, charger status LED and battery condition LED
• 8” diameter polyurethane steering wheels
• 3” diameter polyurethane load wheels
• Durable powder coated finish



 UniLift                  UniLift                 UniLift Manual        UnilIft Manual

 Drawing             Spec. Sheet            SN# 110803          SN#1110804

                                                           & Earlier               to Current 


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Bishamon Optimus LK Series Ergonomic Work Positioners

Item Number: L2K, L3K, L5K Catalog Image


  • Hydraulic Lift Tables in 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 lb. Capacities
  • 6 Models Available On-Demand 48 Hour Shipping
  • Intelligent Design With Rounded Platform Corners

Hydraulic Lift Tables in 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 lb. Capacities


The newly designed OptimusTM    LK Series work positioner from Bishamon. LK lifts are produced in 3 capacity ranges and 8 models to handle most of your lift table needs. LK lifts increase productivity and reduce worker strain in today's harsh industrial environments by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending and stretching that ultimately leads to worker fatigue, injuries, and product damage.


   Lift2k-Models-with-Rotating-Top             LK-Portibility         Bellows Skirting

    Models With Rotating Tops                  Cart Portabilty                      Bellows Skirting


    Lift2k-Intuitive-and-User-Freindly_Control          Lift2K-Unitized-Power-Unit           Lift2K-Hinged-Maintenance-Bars

             Intuitive and User                        Unitized Power Unit                   Hinged Maintenance
             Freindly Plug & Play                    with Easy View                            bars Powder Coated 
             Contorls                                          Reservoir                                      Yellow For Safety

Standard Features

• Complies with
ANSI MH 29.1:2012 “Safety Requirements For Industrial Scissor Lifts”
• 115 volt operator sytem

• Flow limiting valve a each cylinder

• Pressure compensated flow control
at power unit

• Hinged maintenance bars

• Rugged construction with high strength structural steel components and welds
• Rollers are entrapped in base frame and platform for added stability



• Large heavy duty torque tube

• Self-lubricating, maintenance free bushings at all pivot points
• Utilized, compact, internal power unit and reservoir combination

• Continuous axiles at rollers
• Heavy duty cylinder(s) with chrome palted cylinder rod(s) and premium seals

• Durable powder coated finish

   Optimus Drawing Top View       Optimus Drawing Side View

LK Optimus Series Table

               LK Series Optimus Spec. Sheet                                             LK Series Optimus Service mannual

LK Series Optimus Spec. Sheet         LK Series Optimus Service Mannual


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Bishamon CompacLift Scissor Lift Tables

Item Number: X-Series Catalog Image

      X-Series CompacLift   

 Versatile, Compact Scissor Lift Tables 

  • Hydraulic Lift Tables Designed for Confined Work Space Requirements
  • Capacities Range from 440 to 1650 lbs. with Various Fixed Platfor Sizes
  • 3 Modes of Operation: Manual-Hydraulic with Foot Pump, Electro-Hydraulic with Push Button or Air Hydraulic with Foot Pedal


The Bishamon X-Series CompacLift™ tables are ideal for production line manufacturing activities that require heavy-duty lifting and positioning. They were designed to be ergonomic, durable, and convenient.

CompacLift™ tables come in manual, electric and air operated models. Manual models are operated by a removable and storable foot pedal while electric models include a convenient hand control. All models feature a compact design that is suitable for a limited work area. Made with heavy-gauge steel and sturdy welds, these tables are strong. Entrapped rollers serve to enhance stability, while a quality baked enamel finish protects the tables from harsh environmental conditions. The rugged ComacLift™ tables can survive tough working conditions with minimal maintenance.

The X-Series CompacLift™ tables facilitate worker safety and efficiency. These tables minimize repetitive lifting activities and reduce worker strain. They position materials at optimum operating heights, facilitating comfort and productivity. The tables are available in five different capacities, four table sizes and single or double scissors, for almost any application.


Standard Features

• Compact design
• 440 to 1,650 lbs. capacities
• Rugged construction with heavy gaugeX Series Foot Pedal
  steel and sturdy continuous welds ..throughout
• Steel work platforms
• Superior hydraulic systems proven on
  a range of Bishamon lift products
• Hand control on electric models
• Wide range of table sizes
• Removable & storable operator’s foot
  pedal and lowering control on basic
• Quality baked enamel finish    




 Compac Lift Spec. Sheet 

X-Series CompacLift Spec. Sheet



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