Bishamon Lift Pilot

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Bishamon Lift Pilot®
    • Pallet truck accessible – no ramp, bump or obstruction – nothing to stumble over 
    • Unique “Space Saving” design with the smallest footprint in the industry – patent pending
    • Handles GMA pallets from the end
    • Handles CHEP pallets from end or side
    • Operator has full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading -- nothing to reach over!
    • Intelligent design and operator interface

                                                    - Pallet presence sensors

                                                 - Highly visible function lights at top of mast 

                                                     - Voice commands

Lift Pilot Video


 Lift Pilot Mast Lights      Lift pallet Control Box     Lift Pilot Base DS

                Mast Lights Red &         Operator Console          Pallet sensor to detect

                Green) to Indicate       mounted on back           pallet presence

                pallet presence and      of mast

                fault conditions


            Lift Pilot Carriage DS   Lift Pilot Front Guard DS   Lift Pilot Rear Guard DS

                   Linear motion            Independent pallet         Perimeter foot guard

                   structure with            stop at each side of        around rear of structure

                   telescopic forks          the carriage to  

                                        prevent impact



Lift Pilot Retracted


Pallet raised Hgt. = 38"

Capacity = 2500 lbs @ 24" load center

Overall Width = 37"

Overall Depth = 40"

Fork length = 40” or 48”                           (operator selectable) 

Fork Lowered height = 3.6” – 4.6”      (operator selectctable) 

Overall fork width = 28” 

Individual Fork Width = 6.7"

Handles GMA pallets, CHEP pallets and skids 

115 volt AC power operation with push button hand control

Hydraulic lift & lower operation with inverted ram style cylinder 

Lift Pilot Telescoping forks

Electro -mechanically driven, 2:1 ratio retractable fork

Pallet sensors and function lights at top of mast to help operator correctly position pallet 

Patented "foot clear" safety design

Perimeter foot guard around rear of structure

Independent pallet stop at each side of the carriage to prevent impact damage

Post and toe guard anchored to floor




Lift Pilot Features


 Lift Pilot Spec. Sheet Thumbnail

Lift Pilot Spec. Sheet 



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