Bishamon Optimus LK Series Ergonomic Work Positioners

Item Number: L2K, L3K, L5K Catalog Image


  • Hydraulic Lift Tables in 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 lb. Capacities
  • 6 Models Available On-Demand 48 Hour Shipping
  • Intelligent Design With Rounded Platform Corners

Hydraulic Lift Tables in 2,000, 3,000 and 5,000 lb. Capacities


The newly designed OptimusTM    LK Series work positioner from Bishamon. LK lifts are produced in 3 capacity ranges and 8 models to handle most of your lift table needs. LK lifts increase productivity and reduce worker strain in today's harsh industrial environments by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending and stretching that ultimately leads to worker fatigue, injuries, and product damage.


   Lift2k-Models-with-Rotating-Top             LK-Portibility         Bellows Skirting

    Models With Rotating Tops                  Cart Portabilty                      Bellows Skirting


    Lift2k-Intuitive-and-User-Freindly_Control          Lift2K-Unitized-Power-Unit           Lift2K-Hinged-Maintenance-Bars

             Intuitive and User                        Unitized Power Unit                   Hinged Maintenance
             Freindly Plug & Play                    with Easy View                            bars Powder Coated 
             Contorls                                          Reservoir                                      Yellow For Safety

Standard Features

• Complies with
ANSI MH 29.1:2012 “Safety Requirements For Industrial Scissor Lifts”
• 115 volt operator sytem

• Flow limiting valve a each cylinder

• Pressure compensated flow control
at power unit

• Hinged maintenance bars

• Rugged construction with high strength structural steel components and welds
• Rollers are entrapped in base frame and platform for added stability



• Large heavy duty torque tube

• Self-lubricating, maintenance free bushings at all pivot points
• Utilized, compact, internal power unit and reservoir combination

• Continuous axiles at rollers
• Heavy duty cylinder(s) with chrome palted cylinder rod(s) and premium seals

• Durable powder coated finish

   Optimus Drawing Top View       Optimus Drawing Side View

LK Optimus Series Table

               LK Series Optimus Spec. Sheet                                             LK Series Optimus Service mannual

LK Series Optimus Spec. Sheet         LK Series Optimus Service Mannual


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