Bishamon SkidLift LV, LVE Series Skid Lift

Item Number: LV, LVE Series Catalog Image

SkidLiftMobile Load Positioner / Transporter for Sids and Open Bottom Pallets

  • Premium Wheels and Push Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Load Capacities to 2,000 lbs. 
  • Unique Captured Scissor Design Provides Enhanced Stability
  • Battery Operation and Manual Lift Models Available



                                       LV & LVE Video


LV-100 Dual Handle Control   LV-100 Foot Pump    LVE Power Unit Control Box     LVE Raise/Lower Lever Control

        LV-100 Dual                      LV-100 Foot                 LVE Power Unit              LVE Raise/Lower
       Handle Control                       Pump                            Control Box                    Lever Control

 SLidLift LV SkidLift LVE                

LV LVE Table












 SkidLift Spec. Sheet LV-10 Drawing LV-50E Drawing LV-100 Drawing

     LV/LVE Lit          LV-10 Drawing     LV-50E Drawing   LV-100 Drawing

               LVE-100 Drawing       LV Application photo       LV Application Photo

                LVE-100 Drawing            LV Appication Photo's


SkidLift Pallet photo


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