Bishamon EZ Off Lifter

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EZ Off Lifter® Low Profile Positioner with Pallet Truck Accessilbility

  • 1.75 in. Lowered Height with 2500 lb. Capacity
  • Rotating Platform for Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Patented "Feet Clear" System for Operator Safety
  • 3S Model with Multiple Ramp Positions Minimizes Floor Space Requirements

        EZ OFF Video

The Bishamon EZ OFF Lifter ® pallet positioners are the ultimate ergonomic solution for loading or unloading pallets in applications when loads are transported with a pallet truck. These revolutionary products provide the answer for maintaining the load at a convenient working height. They also provide easy pallet rotation and near side loading to eliminate excessive lifting, bending, and stretching. They are electro-hydraulic operation and available in a free-standing front access model, and a bolt-down model with ramp access from three positions.


     EZO-25E      EZO25E-3S
        EZO-25E Model                               EZO-25E-3S Model   
Standard Features

  Standard Features  

 Feet-clear safety circuit automatically stops the platform desent a 9 in above the floor preventing unintentional foot entrapment under the platform or pallet

 Platform Safety Cover guard pinch points around the mast

 Chain cover guards pich pints around the upper chain wheel

 Hydraulic power unit with unitized control valaves and reservoir

 1 HP 115V electric motor

 40.50 in. diameter rotating disk supported by 32 precision ball bearings

 Hinged integreated approach ramp

 Integrated lifting tabs and platform catches for transporting with a forkliftt

 Rear leveling feet

 Durable powder coated finish

 Pallet truck access from 3- sides (EZO-25E-S model only)

 One fixed ramp fits all three sides (EZO-25E-3S model only)

  One pallet bumper / stop (EZO-25-3S model only)



        EZ OFF Spec. Sheet                EZ Off Manual                   EZ Off Parts List         

           EZ OFF Spec Sheet                    EZ OFF Manual                       EZ OFF Parts List                             


 EZ Off drawing            EZ OFF EZO-25E-3S Drawing                 EZ OFF App photo

Model EZO-25E Drawing      Model EZO-25E-3S Drawing               EZ Off Lifter      

                                                                                              Application Photo


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Bishamon EZ Up Pneumatic Lift Table

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EZ-UP™ Series


  • Pnuematic Lift Table with 1,700 lbs. Capacity
  • Provide Lifting Power in Locations Where Electro-Hydraulic Operation is Not Viable Option
  • Rotating Platforms Available for Improved Ergonomics


The Bishamon EZ-UP is the ideal lifting and work positioning solution whenever operator control is required and shop air is convenient. Incorporating many of the same advanced ergonomic features as the popular EZ Loader (captive air pallet positioners), the EZ-UP utilizes constant shop air, allowing the operator to position the load for loading or unloading. The integral rotator ring eliminates the need to reach, stretch or walk around the pallet, making the EZ-UP an unsurpassed ergonomic tool that helps increase productivity at your facility. Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components, and require little maintenance. They provide the ideal tool where cleanliness is a must and where sparks can be hazardous. Lift tables in general position the work closer to the worker, which reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue, or the chance of damage to sensitive products that are work in process. Typical applications are found in most any manufacturing, processing or distribution facility.   

EZ UP with Valve Stand



EZU-15-R with optional Valve Stand





 Standard Features

 Firestone Airstroke Actuator raises and lowers the table platform to vertically position the load to the desired height

 Hand or foot control is standard

 Entrapped rollers on base and platform for added stability

• Hinged maintenance bars

• Rotating models feature a secured center pivot with ball bearing that provides smooth, even rotation

 High quality 3 position hand lever control allows easy operation

 Clean design with minimum of maintenance needed

 Easily relocated with a fork truck

 Heavy-duty structural steel construction with rugged base frame

• Durable and attractive polyester powder coating adds life and superior corrosion resistance to the finish





                               EZ UP Drawings                EZ UP Spec. Sheet

 EZ Up Drawings                   EZ Up Spec. Sheet



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Bishamon EZ Loader Automatic Work Positioner

Item Number: EZ Loader Catalog Image

  EZ Loader ®

  Self-Leveling Positioner

  • New Advanced Design Allows Capacity Adjustment Without Changing Air Pressure
  • Captive Air System Eliminates Cumbersome Mechanical Springs
  • Integral Turntable Top For Enhanced Ergonomics


Video Button  EZ Loader in Action

 Video Button EZ Loader vs Competitors Model


The new EZ Loader® can now handle a wide range of weight capacities from 250 lbs up to 4,000 lbs..To make it even better, we added the EZ Adjust knob - a three position knob that allows adjustment of the collapsed capacity without changing the air pressure! EZ Loaders are designed to eliminate worker bending by automatically raising and lowering pallets during loading or unloading without the use of mechanical springs, motors or hydraulics.

EZ Loaders also allow easy pallet rotation for near-side loading so the worker does not have to reach or strain. As the load weight changes, the EZ Loader automatically adjusts, keeping the top of the load at a convenient working height. The patented pneumatic system found only on the EZ Loader has proven to be the choice of industry professionals worldwide.


  EZ Loader Pneumatic system     EZ Loader Maintenance bar   EZ Loader rollers     

                                   EZ Loader Hinged Maintenance BarEZ Loader rollers

           EZ Adjust KnobEZ Adjust Knob                                                                                                              

 Standard Features

 Self-leveling design automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity

 Integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching and stretching

• Secured ball bearing center pivot of the 43" diameter rotator ring provides smooth, even rotation

Pressure relief valve prevents excess pressure build-up

 Surfaces are phosphatized and powder coated with a high quality polyester for a lasting, durable finish

• Rollers are entrapped in the base frame and platform for added stability

  A full coverage finger guard eliminates pinch points between the rotator underside of the rotataor rings and the bearings

 • Integral maintenance blocks

 • EZ Loaders arrive at your facility fully assembled - just add air!

 • Easily transported with a fork truck or via optional portability packages


EZ Loader Table



                 EZ loader-SS           EZ Loader-E   


EZ Loader 284828"x48" & 36"x48" Fixed Non-Rotating Top
  EZ Loader Non-Rotating Table


              EZ Loader Rotating Solid top         Rectangular Rotating top           EZ Loader bellows Skirting    EZ Loader Cart Portability        EZ Loader Semi Live Portability           EZ Loader Rotating Ring Brake
   EZ Laoder lit     EZ Loader Drawing button                 EZ Loader Service manual
    EZ Loader Spec.          EZ Loader Drawing        2848 & 3648 Drawing       EZ Loader Service 
          Sheet                                                                                                                     Manual

  EZ Loader Cost Savings Analysis       EZ Loader Application Photo   EZ Loader Application #2

     EZ Loader Cost                                  EZ Loader Product Applications

      System Analysis


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